Sample Roommate Agreement


The following roommates have signed a roommate agreement on the ________ day of _______________________________ for the following apartment, house or condo:
Unit #
City: State: Zip Code:
Roommate 1:  
Roommate 2:  
Roommate 3:  
Roommate 4:  


This agreement shall remain in effect from _____________, 20__ to __________________, 20__.

Under a month-to-month tenancy, each roommate must give the other roommate thirty (30) days notice in advance, if for any reason the roommate will be moving our before the date shown above. It is understood that the roommate leaving may still be obligated to the landlord and to the remaining roommates in ways defined by the terms of the original lease or by a separate agreement. It remains the sole responsibility of the roommate leaving to discharge in full any such individual obligations.


The roommates have collectively paid a security deposit of: $__________________. Each roommate has individually contributed to the security deposit the amounts specified in the "Rent" section below. Each roommate will receive his/her portion of the security deposit either when the owner or manager returns it or when a substitute roommate moves in and replaces the leaving roommate’s portion of the security deposit. Damages made by any individual roommate and/ or their guests, will be deducted from that roommate's portion of the security deposit.


The monthly rent for the property at the address above is $________________, due and payable on the ________ day of each month. Each roommate agrees to pay the amount specified below:


Roommate share of
monthly rent

Roommate share of initial deposit

  $ $
  $ $
  $ $
  $ $
  $ $


We agree to pay for the following utilities and services listed below:


The Original Account is in the name of:

How is the bill split?

Person responsible for payment of bill:

Date bill is due
Cleaning Service



*Charges for unclaimed telephone calls shall be divided ______________ among roommates.


All roommates agree to share the responsibilities of cleaning and maintenance of the premises. This includes cleaning the kitchen, dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and yardwork. A cleaning schedule is attached to this document outlining the responsibilities of each roommate.


Conflicts between roommates can include: Use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, clean up after parties, frequency of overnight guests, use of stereo and television, quiet hours for studying, parking, use of personal property, and behavior of friends and guests. Additional agreements outlining requirements for these or other areas can attached to this agreement.


If pets are permitted under this lease, each pet owner shall be solely responsible for all damages caused by his or her pet. This includes, but is not limited to: damages to furniture, carpeting, doors, lawn and garden.

Date:   Date:
Date:   Date:
Date:   Date:
This SAMPLE ROOMMATE AGREEMENT is provided by The Roommate Connection for the purpose of establishing the ground rules in your roommate situation. No warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, exist as to the completeness or legality of this agreement. We strongly suggst that you modify this agreement to meet the needs of your specific situation.